Dr. Todd Hall is the eldest of nine siblings, born in Brooklyn, New York to a legacy of preachers of the Gospel, including his father, mother and grandparents. Overcoming the lure of the streets to accept his call to ministry has brought this man of God to a number of crossroads. Choosing ministry over fame and fortune has brought him and those who receive his message of purpose in Christ, greater riches.

Dr. Hall is the Founder and Overseer of The Shabach Church in Apopka, Florida as well as the Chief Apostle and Prelate of The Shabach Christian Church Fellowship with churches throughout the US. He has over 30 years of practical experience as a Theologian, community leader and youth advocate. His excitement and intensity in delivering the Word of the Lord has helped to revive ministries, restore pastors, rebuild churches and renew the hearts and minds of Believers; as well as, Non-Believers to a new level of faith and commitment to God.

Dr. Hall is internationally recognized as the “Praiseologist” for his wisdom on the application of Praise and Worship and his remarkable skill to locate Praise throughout the entire Bible. One of Dr. Hall’s most notable strong suits, is his ability to combine biblical truths and his understanding that the purpose of mans creation is to Praise, and Worship was created to be an intimate relationship between God and man. Dr. Hall is extremely gifted in the closing delivery of his messages with the melodious sound of his voice and the use of musicians, to bring the anointing of old back into the worship experience.

Dr. Hall is the author of 2 best selling books and his 3rd and most recent addition “My Praise Betrayed Me” is quickly rising to number one status. Dr. Hall is a frequent guest on the TBN and Word Networks respectively and is affectionately known as the “you tube” preacher, as he is one of the most viewed preachers on the internet today.

Once you have experienced the explosive ministry of Dr. Todd Hall, curses will be broken, reversed and void in your life. You will listen to Dr. Hall with expectation, as he equips your spirit with an encouraging and empowering message to engage in a battle that is already won!

For the battle is not yours, it is the Lord’s! – 2 Chronicles 20:15 (KJV)